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My payment did not came in my fiverr account

I have completed a project recently [you can check his review in my profile, he is italian] and the buyer gave me 5 stars and 5 USD tips. [it was a 25 USD project]
But on my earning Only the tips amount added for clearance but my 20 USD is not added there.
What is happening? Any Idea? I have never experienced before.

I have contacted CS whit all the evidence. Don’t know which year they will respond.

Poor customer support :unamused: :unamused:

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They will respond soon don’t worry about it

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I hope they will respond soon.

Can you see the amount in the expected earnings section? I’d say maybe he hasn’t accepted the order yet, but you wouldn’t see the rating if that was the case

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They will respond soon and fix the glitch

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In October my earning is 0 USD. But it should have 24 USD. And total earning all time is also less than 20 USD what it should have been.
He accepted my order and the tips he gave to me is in the “clearance”. If he would not be accepted how his tips added :laughing:
Hope Fiverr would fix this glitch.

I hope too for their fixing

Customers can give tips without accepting the order, one of my customers did that before too. But I dont think they would be able to rate you unless accepting it

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Hmm, I didn’t know. Thanks for the information.