My payment is deduct from my account but freelancer did not received any order from my side


why i had payment $6 to hire freelancer design book cover.
my credit card is also deduct money. but my freelancer who is not still receive money. please review help me.
thank you very much !


Contact Customer Support.


You’ll have to contact the support to help you out, unfortunately we can’t help!


i have contact but no answer :frowning:


It may take several days to hear back from them.


i have payment from last Saturday. now it is 4 days . can you tell me how to chat now with support of fiverr


If Fiverr is not responding, you can always Tweet them via Twitter with your issue.


I am sorry for your bad experience. The money will be sent back to your credit card within 7 business days.


thank you i hope that can receive money as soon as posible


You’re welcome! And don’t worry. This has happened to me as well. The money was credited back onto my card after 7 days.