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My Payoneer Account got blocked! I'm worried!

My Payoneer Account has been disabled. My two withdrawal method disabled. Only Paypal is open but it is not available in our country.
What should I do now?
Can I add another account?


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Why your account get disabled?

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Isn’t there any alternative way?

2 month ago Payoneer asked for my Smart NID card scan copy. But I hadn’t Smart NID on that time so I didn’t give it. For that reason, they blocked my prepaid card. I contacted with them many times but no result. They said that “my account is in under review. Once the review is completed, you will get back your card.” After one month, they didn’t unblock my card back. So, I contacted with them again and gave the Smart NID card. After that they assured me that they would unblock my card within 48 hours.
But I don’t know why! within 48 hours, they disabled my whole account!

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Hope you will get it back. Really sad to hear that.

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Have you Find any solution yes brother ?

No bro! I didn’t get any solution!

Thanks brother, Don’t you change you founding source ? or using Paypal ?

Yes, I’m using paypal.

So sorry to hear this. I would suggest you to find help from other forums and groups on Facebook and other platforms. InshaAllah you will find out the solution very soon.

I almost tried all the way but bad luck. Once you’ve blocked, you cannot recover it.

So pathetic.:frowning:

I am facing the same issue. Did you contact fiverr support to remove old payoneer account?

Yes, I did. They removed the old Payoneer and told me to add a new payoneer.

How long it took to complete the process and can you please tell me procedure? Payoneer removed your funding source or fiverr ? Where did you contact and who helped ? I already contacted with payoneer they couldn’t help and I submitted ticket on fiverr, 3 days passed. No response

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another question… did you add another payoneer? is it working properly?

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Hello. I already made a payoneer account (linked to my UCB account) but they didn’t ask for an NID card. WIll they ask for it when i try to withdraw? ( I haven’t withdrawn yet so i dont know how it works). I don’t have NID card either