My Payoneer card still not arrived


To the point, Payoneer says my card is estimated to arrive between 20 Jan 2014 and 27 Jan 2014. Unfortunately my card not arrive till now. Can we track the current location of our shipment? Is it true if my card don’t arrive after 1 week, I should request a new card?


Reply to @zezelovers: Sure - you’ll need to contact our support department and they will be able to do it for you. You can reach us here:

We provide support via e-mail, telephone and live chat. For immediate support I suggest live chat or telephone, as e-mails take a few days to be reviewed.


Payoneer uses normal postal service which usually takes more time then expected. Check with your postal service and wait 15-20 more days.


Reply to @adeelqures: My debit card approved at 12 Dec 2013, but my card still not arrived yet.

Is it happen because Christmas or New Year holiday?


Reply to @zezelovers: It does happen with payoneer, it is normal.

12 Dec till now, it should have reached you. Just wait one more week and if not arrived ask them to re-send you a new card.

Here is the thing, if you contact payoneer support they might issue you a new card but in a week or two you will get your first card which you will not able to use because they already made it disabled (due to second card dispatched to you). So you have to wait another 1 month for second card to arrive.

Just wait a bit more and you will get it :slight_smile:


Reply to @wingle: I agree with you. I’m afraid if I renewed my card and my first card arrived, I can’t use it. But I hope I can track it where exactly my card current location.

Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear that your card hasn’t arrived yet. We do our best to provide an accurate estimated arrival time, however exact shipping times depends on the local postal system in your area.

Just to confirm, if we order you a new card and you end up receiving the first one, you will be able to contact us and have us enable the first one (and cancel the new one that was issued).


Reply to @nissim_payoneer: Can you give me link where should I disable the new one if I get my first card? Hope you can give me information. I’m new here, and it’s my first card…


Hopefully, you already have your card, however if not or if someone else stumbles across this, I thought I would mention an idea.

I have a friend that lives a few doors down from me that recently had the same problem. So he went ahead and withdrew onto the card, which I guess they’ll allow even before activation.

He then contacted payoneer support and requested a new card with fedex shipping. His new card arrived within I believe 3 or 4 days.

Grant it you would need to pay for shipping, but at least your card would arrive.


Hi Nissim. I saw your posts at many places. Thus, I am directing this question to you here with a hope that you will respond.

I signed up for Payoneer via refer a friend program. But then the guy who referred me told me that he did not receive any confirmation from Payoneer in this regard. I contacted their live support team. After checking with their system, they told me that I had not signed up via referral program. But it was his referral link I used for signing up. They told me to wait for few days to see if they can help with it. Now I have received a mail saying that there is no any way to amend what has happened.

My question for you is if I can cancel my Payoneer account and sign up again via referall link. I have not received my card yet and it is expected to arrive between 3rd-10 th Sep,2014.


Reply to: @sangya

Please can you send your email address to me at so I can look into this for you.


Its very annoying to see that even after 3 months your card has not arrive and even when you write payoneer more than 3 to 4 times no reply. You instructed me to write to that email which i did but to know avail.


am not receiving my payoneer card yet while estimated time is 8 december 2014 what should i do ??? help me plz if anyone knows


I also worry about my card because i have send card request 3 times but my card not arrived yet.

The second method to get card is DHL but it is too costly for me to pay $60 for this…

So I’m very disturb for this problem…


Reply to @nissim_payoneer: hi nissim, I applied for payoneer account car on 4th jan 2015, my card still not received and your representatives keep on saying i have applied for payoneer in october 2014 please provide that email how could i give em those if i have not applied.

so today i put my request to cancel my account and stop my application.

payoneer is not a good services as i have experienced. wasted my 2 months.


i have the same problem the estimated time of arrival for my card was between the 2nd and 9th of april and its now the 19th of april


Reply to @binary4all: i have the same problem i sent an email 3 times and got no response


Please am having the same problem here, I applied for a payoneer card for over 3 months now yet I have not gotten it. I contacted them and they said they have shipped another one. Am loosing patience and I don’t know what to do. Again I tought of using dhl but I don’t know how to fund my payoneer account from my revenue as its telling me to activate my card first.


Payoneer should improve the shipping problems :frowning:


my card is not till arrived. i have applied it before 2 months