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My payoneer id disable

i was not able to verify my payoneer for my id card.for that i tell payoneer to remove my payoneer from fiverr. they unlink it from fiverr. now i want to add payoneer to fiverr with my father payoneer. but when i hover on fiverr bank transfer it show the upper image. then i contact fiverr. they said it only depend on payoneer. now what can i do?


please knock the Contact Support

I contact on fiverr. They said it’s only Payoneer issue. We can’t do anything

i had almost this same problem. i removed my funding source from my payoneer account by contacting payoneer customer care. and after few days i added it back by contacting the payoneer customer care. you should do the same. you should contact them by their live support. it takes time but you can talk live with the CS agent and sort this problem.

I want to add another payoneer account on fiverr. My father account. Can I do that?

only payoneer customer care can help you out with with this. contact them with their live support option.

You can’t add your father payoneer. Your fiverr and payoneer email should be same. Check your email that you used to create fiverr and then find out if this email has payoneer.

It’s not true. My Fiverr and Payoneer e-mail is not same but working properly.
Maybe It’s technical issues of Payoneer and Fiverr.
@chopolkhan contact with both support center and tell them details of your issue.
I hope they will help you.

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Thanks for letting me know that. Yes maybe it will be technical issue. this or that

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Ok. Thank you very much.

no need to contact fiverr support cause they will tell you to contact payoneer support. so contact payoneer support. dont email them. talk with them LIVE. you can use live chat.

you removed your payoneer and do you add another payoneer or the same payonerr you reconnect again? and with my new payoneer i cant find live chat option?

i added the same payoneer accoun. i guess you just have to contact them with your email. or you can do another trick. not sure it will work but you can add different fundings source in your payoneer account. that way maybe they will enable live chat in your account.