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My paypal button disabled , could not withdraw


iam level 2 seller

10 days back i contacted CS regarding “paypal button disabled” . they replied that “they received complaints over my performance thats the reason the withdrawal temporarily set on hold and they told me to make every buyer good satisfaction, please contact after a safety period 15 days , we will review your account again"

To my knowledge only one buyer is unhappy because of her worst communication that the order completed automatically within 3days of my delivery of proof. but iam working on her pending projects and showed the CS about the pending job and screenshots. then the CS replied " not only this order we have received complaints” But i don;t know which buyer complained against me. but Iam 100% sure all my buyers are happy" I have 99% positive feedback

please advise

  1. can this problem solved?
  2. can i withdraw my money?
  3. I fear should i banned for this ?
  1. can this problem solved?

Yes. If you do what Customer Support said, wait at least 15 days before attempting to withdraw or contacting them again that is step one. Step two is to be cautious with future sales and if a buyer is unhappy, work with them politely to resolve issues so there is no need for complaints. If a buyer refuses to work with you or accept a mutual cancellation and refund, remain polite and contact Customer Support for help.

  1. can i withdraw my money?

Not yet. You will need to do what was mentioned by Customer Support first. Then it will depend on what they decide. They may require a longer waiting period or proof of identity depending on what type of complaint(s) they received.

  1. I fear should i banned for this ?

It is possible. If you broke rules in the Fiverr Terms of Service you can be banned for it. If you didn’t read the Terms of Service and broke rules by accident, then read it and don’t break it again. You have a chance of remaining and continuing to sell if you don’t break rules in the future.

Since Fiverr buyers come from all over the world, sometimes there can be an inadvertent clash of cultures - one man’s polite and friendly may come across completely differently to a different culture and vice versa.

My advice would be to follow the instructions given by Customer Support and be sure to explain yourself simply and clearly to your buyers so that no one feels cheated or offended.

my problem solved
i waited about 30days and remained patient
i love fiverr

Reply to @fonthaunt:
proof identity i already submitted. i think it is not a issue but issue is they received complaints but Iam 100% sure all my customers are happy. I asked them the buyer names who are unhappy but they not telling that