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My paypal withdrawal keeps failing

Hello everyone, I got an order 3 weeks ago and I’m constantly trying to withdraw my money from paypal but it keeps failing after a minute or so! I’m very frustrated someone please help me :frowning:

  1. Are we allowed to withdraw only $4 or is there some minimum?

  2. Make sure you have the right email entered on fiverr that goes with your Paypal account.

  3. Have you made withdrawals before to Paypal?

  4. Have you tried calling Paypal? There is a phone number listed for them if you google Paypal phone number. Check to make sure your account with them is ok.

  5. Have you contacted fiverr customer support to see what they say about it?

Oh thanks and yes my email is the correct one, no i havent made any withdrawals before and I’ll try contacting customer support :slight_smile: thanks!