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My Pending Clearance Earning Automatically Refunded to Buyer and he disable his fiverr account. What to Do?


My earning $40 refunded to buyer. He is cheater. Now What To Do ? He closed his fiverr account. He dispute paypal refund file. I lost $40 from a cheater and bad buyer ? That is big problem on Fiverr. There are no hard policy and rules for Refunding. Can anyone give me any Suggestion ?


Contact Customer support and see if they have a solution for it but I dont think you can do anything about it. Forget it and move on.


Refund will be done only after mutual cancellation i think? and if you cancel it then obviously it will be refunded to buyer?


@divyagoel This wasn’t a standard cancellation.


This is an unfortunate issue. There is a long but good post about avoiding it in the future. Some Info and Opinion on Chargebacks


You can’t do anything about it, even contacting cs won’t help. If a buyer disputes through paypal they get a refund and then their account is automatically banned from fiverr. All that is left is for you to keep on delivering and hopefully you will get a genuine buyer.


@phantompower This is true in most cases, but absolutely not all. CS should always be contacted.

By contacting CS, we as sellers are reminding the constantly that there is a problem. Squeaky wheels get more attention than silent ones.

There have been rare cases where the funds were recoverable and returned to the seller. While these have probably been mostly sellers with special titles or accounts from the earliest Fiverr days, this could change in time. Every seller that asks is one more step of progress, even if it’s not yet visible.

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