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My Phone verification has failed

Hi Everyone!
My phone verification is not verified and I waited more than 48 hours but I was failed.
Please Help me

To verify your phone:

• Once logged in, you will be prompted to verify your phone (within a banner at the top of the page). Click
Verify Now.
• After reading the information regarding the verification, click Verify Now.
Your country is selected automatically based on your IP address.

• Enter your phone number and select either Verify by SMS or Verify by Call.
If you selected Verify by SMS, you will receive a verification code to your phone.
if you selected Verify by Call, you will receive a call with the verification code to input.
• Enter your verification code and click Submit Code.
• Click OK.

Note: If you were prompted to verify your phone and you decided to skip this procedure, you can always complete the verification process through your security settings (click your username, and then click Settings > Security).

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When I click on button(verify) that it not working

Did you verify your email?

@tony_dezigner Please clear your browser history and try again…If not work…then contact customer support.

Contact customer support. I was having the same problem and customer care was great as usual.

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