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My pictures are *horribly* cropped, help!


Every time I go to add a picture to a new gig it’s horribly cropped. Like, you can only see half the picture at best. Anyone know what’s up with that? I’m an illustrator so it’s key that you can see the entire picture (more than half, anyway). It’s so bad I seriously can’t setup more gigs until this is fixed. Thanks!


Fiverr wants the photos to be 682 pixels wide by 459 pixels high, so if yours are a different size ratio you might not be able to fit the whole picture in. What you could do is crop the pictures to 682 x 459 on your own so that you get to choose what part shows instead of letting the system decide. I think they just don’t want blank space on the sides of the image, so they adjust it to fill the 682 x 459 box. Hope this helps!


Okay, that worked. It warps the picture which is annoying, but at least I have it on there, thanks!