My pictures looks Professional or not?




I think there’s too much info and too many colors.

  • Clean - remove, it doesn’t really explain what it is. If you meant virus free then this should be given.
  • Fix WordPress - you’re not fixing WordPress :wink:
  • 1m live support - you can’t offer it and buyers can’t hold you accountable
  • 100% page speed - you can’t promise this. For example, if a user has a crappy host you’ll never get it and they can ask their money back.
  • Don’t put 4.9 version on it. I have to change that every 1-2 months and every update takes your gig off the search for a while.


Sir can you please check my profile? is it looks ok r not?


Use the two or three color for your gigs. use the white, red, black colors for your gigs. make it simple and short words. try to stay online as you can per day.


Sir can u please check my profile is it looks good r not?


I check your profile. it’s not bad. try to delivery fast as you can.


Promote your gigs using the social media.


I got 1 order and have dilivered it one day before


That’s good. adding some video clip for your gigs.


after you delivered a work don’t forget to get reviews for buyers. it’s very important to you.


Sir, I requested a lot to make a review. But he says he dont have time, even i have done some extra work also as my first order.


Don’t worry Try it next time. Good buyers all ways give the reviews.


Picture good , i think need I catching color. Thanks