My Plan for 2017

  1. 45 minutes of cardio in the morning - 6 times a week. Right now, it’s a combination of walking and running, hopefully in a month or two, it will be all running.

  2. Fiverr work.

  3. 45 minutes of strength training at night, 3/4 times a week. Have got a home gym, which saves time and money on a gym membership. Maybe when my dumbbells and barbells become too easy for me, I will join a gym. Right now, I’ve got a full range of weights with a max of 12.5 kgs, exercise bench, treadmill and everything a gym would have. I just need to use them :slight_smile:

2017 should be great!


Dear @writer99025:

Have you read The 4-Hour Body or Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris?

Thank you,


I’ve read 4-Hour Workweek, I wasn’t too impressed. But I’ve done a lot of reading on fitness, it’s time to “Get Serious”- which is a title of one of the better books I’ve read on it. Time to act, enough reading!


You need to get a buyer who wants you to write a keep fit book for them. You would definitely stick to your fitness plan if it was research for work!


Have written hundreds of articles on fitness…always tell myself that yeah, now I’m gonna follow my own advice starting tomorrow, but that never happens :slight_smile: But have got started this week.


My Plan for 2017

I will continue to work with all of my efforts to be a TRS and its a long way to go. Also try to be the best daughter, and friend to everyone in my life.

For all the Forum members who read this, i wish…help as much as possible!


I wish I could get motivation… year of running…