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My Portfilio isn't good enough?

Hello there i am Rafli. I want ask you is my portfolio good enough to be display?


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you should improve your skills before offering that type of service. While looking at your gig in the “recommended for you” section I got two gigs that does the same thing you do, but way better quality for around the same price. I don’t think that you can compete with you current skills.

I see you also do logos, maybe stick to those for now, meanwhile keep improving with blender ( I think that the software you use) and once your skills have improve, then make a gig about it?

Side note, I also don’t understand what you video is suppose to show me about home design. I got confuse more than anything else.

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Ok thanks for advice

Zee Queen is right here. While you have some abilities in Blender, there are so many people out there already with more who are (stupidly) offering work at around the same price.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t offer Blender based work, just that you have to do so in ways where you are not going up against people who are better than you. I am not great with Blender so make a point of using it in my music videos in ways that emphasize the unique more than trying to look like everyone else and failing (altho the small minded still take that assumption because they only know what the last JJ Abrams movie looks like and assume that like them I dedicate my life to copying it).

What else can you do? Is there something, no matter how odd (read interesting) that you can do better than most people? That doesn’t have to be about Blender, logos and all the usual things that everyone tries to sell.

I recently found myself, a Mix Engineer, making Lyric Videos for another Musician who is delighted with what I do for him. This uses my central skill at telling stories by expressing the emotion (rather than just being cliché obvious).


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