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My portfolio for introducing

Hi, friends, I am Graphic_Jay who is staying in country called Sri Lanka. In late 90, In that time I was a teenager and engaged the field of graphic design as a trainee graphic designer. Then I am mainly focused in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, How ever I am very late for partisipate this wonderful platform called “FIVERR”,
But now I am here. And want to engaged globe and earn some pasive income…
My mainly targeted catogaries are
Simple Photo retouching and Social media designs.
Then I am waiting my first order.
Thanking you,

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Fiverr’s not really a place for earning passive income, I would say. Regardless, welcome!


Thank you somaginer1996 for your responce.

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I think you @ graphic_jay will able to Success in fiverr because Ii followed your profile just now then I’m sure you can increase your passive income…good luck

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Hello, Sudam82, It is nice to here something like that.

Do your best,Graphic designing’s is a great skill .
I hope you will became successful in fiverr.
Best of luck

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Thank you tanvirhoque_360. for your thoughts.