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My portfolio has never worked properly

Been using Fiverr daily for about 6 months now. After my first couple of orders, i noticed orders i had completed weren’t being added to my portfolio. I am a sound engineer and i mix songs for clients so these would be audio clips.

Messaged CS and they told me the buyer has to also accept that their file be added on their end. Fair enough i thought.

So i started asking buyers if it would be alright to add their work to my portfolio? I always had ‘yes’ as an answer, still nothing was being added. I thought perhaps they weren’t noticing the option.

I worked on an extremely long project with multiple deliveries with a client who i got quite friendly with, so i asked them if they could see an option to add their work to my portfolio. They searched high and low yet couldn’t find it.

I figured, perhaps they’ve disabled it. Any time i perused other people’s portfolios (sound engineers and graphic designers), their portfolios all seem to cut off at certain date, a bit before i started using Fiverr regularly.

However a couple of months ago someone mentioned that they liked the ‘4th song’ in my portfolio. Lo and behold, i suddenly had a portfolio of 3 songs that weren’t there before. Unfortunately they are not shining examples and one of them has lyrics that is extremely lewd and misogynistic which i don’t really want representing me.

I can live with the others as even though they’re not amazing (my finished product is only as good as the initial song sent to me), they are representative of my work, and i figured that as the portfolio is active again, they will eventually balance out with the better stuff i do.

However, it seems that nothing new is being added to my portfolio again, so i’m stuck with these not so lovely examples. Once again, even though it’s not my best work, i accept and own the responsibility for them.

I would just like to either be able to clear them and not have any further portfolio adds, or for the portfolio to actually work. There are some amazing songs i’ve mixed that i’m so proud of which didn’t make the cut.

Has anyone had any experience with this and can point me in the right direction?

You can switch the portfolio off if you like. Disadvantage - no portfolio items show.

If you’ve got it switched on, but you’d rather a particular delivery didn’t appear in it, switch your portfolio off, deliver your gig, and then switch your portfolio back on. :slightly_smiling_face:


Brilliant! I had totally forgotten that you can just switch it off completely. I would much rather prefer having one, so maybe i can try this method out and see if i can at least get a couple of better examples to balance things out.

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