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"My Portfolio" Section not showing up on my profile

I’m not able to see this option on my profile and yeah is there anyone that had the same problem and figured it out?


Your live portfolio is designed to showcase the deliveries you make but only “if the buyer allows it to be shown”. They have to allow it to be displayed. Either you haven’t delivered an order, no buyer has agreed to the terms, or your live portfolio option is turned off.

I checked one of your gigs and I do see some deliveries being shown.

If by chance you are looking to turn it off or on, click your gig tab then the little drop down arrow next to the gig.

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Oh yeah, I’m aware of the Live Portfolio thing, that’s not what I was referring to.

I’ve seen this separate Portfolio on some Artist’s profiles in which they’ve uploaded several images under different projects, very similar to how Behance works. That portfolio is linked on all the gigs on your profile and it’s a really cool way to showcase all your skills in one place.

Only some sellers have it so far from what I understand. I think Fiverr is still testing it or something.

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Same Problem facing on my Fiverr profile

thanks for the info.

Ooh! same problem here :expressionless: