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My Portfolio Webpage

I just WANT to confirm, if I put my Fiverr link on my portfolio website, there I have already shared up work and People per Hour ’s profile link.

I will there be an issue. I also, want to know, can I have contact info on MY SITE site?


I don’t believe so, no. It’s totally independent of Fiverr, after all.

Still not clear. Anyone has any clear idea?

If you’re going to send the link to that site to your Fiverr clients, no.

You can put any link you like on your own website, however, if you’re going to give the link to that site to your (potential) Fiverr clients, it could be a problem.

Anyway, the best thing to do would be to ask Customer Support (and, if they allow you to do what you want to do, to save the screenshot of their answer, just in case). Nobody on the forum can give you the official answer, only Customer Support can (and if you get in trouble and use “somebody on the forum told me it was ok” as an excuse, it won’t help you).


Please contact CS regarding this matter.