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My positive feedback is not showing!

I sold a couple of gigs and I got positive feedback but it is not showing when I check my gig, it was posted more than 2 weeks ago… what to do? I really need it because I got 1 negative review a long time ago and since then my buyers simple didn’t rated my gig cause I forgot to remind them, now I got some positive to balance my percentage but it is not showing, what to do???

contact customer support they should be able to help if feedback was left!

That stinks. Like cecelia said, let CS know.

Thank you both :slight_smile: I will contact them, hopefully they can solve my issue…

I know with my family tree gig sometimes the feedback whether it be the seller or my reply back takes a bit of time sometimes days to show up, hopefully this has been resolved for you by now

This is still kind of a problem. I wish they could provide a solution, but I contacted support and they said it has something to do with the new feature built-into the custom offer selection where you can select to attach the custom offer to one of your gigs. I always select to attach it to the same gig every time (I only run one gig), and some reviews show up - most do NOT show up. What’s up with that? Support is always 100% on the ball when I need them and this is the only issue they haven’t been able to resolve. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, did you find a solution, and what was it exactly, it if you have? Thanks, Dave

I was told by support that custom offers do not show, but some of them do acutally and some of them don’t. So, I don’t get it either!

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