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My Positive Rating is 3.7 and I can not offer any BUYER REQUEST. Guide me to solve this problem .I am a New Seller

I am a new seller .I have completed my 1ST order and buyer give me 3.7 rating. That’s why I can not answer any buyer request. Please Experienced Seller guide me to solve this problem. Thanks

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dear friend

Thanks for sharing and having kind attitude towards Fiverr community forums.

I hope you are doing well.

Do you know about free market system?
Under free market system you can sell anything from t-shirt button to any luxurious products up to your wish but there are so many advantages and disadvantages under free market like you will need to increase your price for a while and sometime you need to decrease your prices for a request or even to get easy tender to actively participate on free market occupation or even doing business.

So, what I really make you understand is that is freelancing marketplace but it is not completely free that’s true and enough, still I can see that you got a very good score 3.7 rating and it is enough in doing business with other buyers as you have got good comment too “Honest Seller”

Definitely you will get real buyer from, if rotating your gigs and show on search engine of Fiverr or on your service niche.

Rating is just a conclusion of buyer’s seller’s reactions alternatively it is just thought making process, nothing more.

For example if you Gigs are on the first page then someone will buy your services for sure or alternatively you may send request, let them understand how you can make it or provide your service with best effective and betterment for buyer, which in results buyer will order your service.

As this is a Freelancing marketplace so you must focus and encourage yourself to develop your skills, communication, thought process as well as take care of your buyer’s too.

Take it as a POSITIVE sense and do not let your hope go away, instead try and try until you are succeeded.

This is just a matter of time, when time will pass away you will remember and I hope any day you can overcome this 3.7 rating and achieve the 5 star rating for a longer period of time.

This is time to focus what you have done and how to settle it so that you will be a great seller.

Dear friend, @nazmul_dewan

Last but not the least, if your buyer realise that you had a better service than other then definitely that respectable buyer will come and order your service for the second time or even more.

I hope you had got a great positivity and extreme guidance.

(Please take it as a positive sense)

World is One, Share the World.


Thanks for your guidance and encouragement.