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My positive rating is'nt showing up

hi there , so i woke up today and found that my positive rating isn’t showing and instead i got this (N/A) , i don’t know if its only in my browser or clients are seeing this , plus i haven’t had a single order since 2 months now although i keep editing my gigs and nothing works .
can i anyone help me please ?

here’s my profile


This is exactly the reason why N/A is shown on your account rating when you are logged in.

In case you log out or use incognito mode you should see this,.

In order to get your rating back you need to complete order(s).

what do you mean exactly about the reason

In case you don’t complete order over period of 60 days, the metrics can not be calculated and overall rating goes to N/A.

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ah okay now i understand , thank you
do you have any idea why am not getting any orders ?

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i’ve been getting orders i just don’t know what happened.
thaks tho

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