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My positive ratings has reduced to 88%


Hi there, due to some unchangeable circumstances, my positive ratings has reduced to 88%, and I was told I can’t send offers till I get like 90% ratings…
What can I do please


Not much you can actively do - you’ll need to wait until you get more orders, and deliver them on time etc.



@djgodknows You’re on a roll this morning! But yes, you’re right!


Dear Steve:

One thing you can do is to respond to the review with any mitigating circumstances.

Before you do, you should carefully research the topic to craft an ideal response. The idea is to rebuild trust with other Buyers who may read the Review, NOT to berate the Buyer for giving you a Bad Review.

Other things you can do include revising and refreshing your gigs.

You would do well to hire a copy writer and to make sure all your gigs have videos.

You may wish to extend your delivery times to avoid a replication of a late gig.

Good luck,