My post doesn't show up! Like it wiped out!


I just created a post yeterday about how I got my first order withing 5 days. I had some comments from my fellow fiverrs. I just logged in to check those out and suddenly it said that I don’t have access to that post :frowning: Don’t know what is the reason :frowning: Can someone explain what is happening here?


That can happen if the post was either removed or is under moderation.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the reply @thecreativeguys I cannot find the reason, It’s been almost 24 hours I think. It went really well. Nothing seems to wrong. had many views on the post. It’s about my experience on how to get the first order :confused: will see


Like @thecreativeguys said, your post was probably pulled for moderation by the forum mods. You don’t need any more explanation than that. If the mods do what they need to do, they might return your thread to the forum. If they feel that the topic/thread no longer belongs in the forum they may delete it.

The mods usually don’t pull topics into moderation unless there is a valid reason. If it is necessary that you know more details about their choices, they’ll let you know.


Thank you for the valuable advice @jonbaas :slight_smile: