My post got removed despite somebody else doing the same thing?


Hey, I just started up on Fiverr yesterday and I was looking through the gaming section and found out that somebody was playing peoples games and writing reviews for them for $5. I decided that that was a great idea, so I made a post “1-upping” them stating that I will play a game for a minimum of 3 hours and write a lengthy review for them of what I liked and any sort of criticism I had or issues/bugs that I encountered. What I find strange is that this seller has gotten 6 5-star reviews and mine was removed for going against the T.O.S. I essentially did the same thing as this seller, so why am I being punished but he or she is making money?


Any gig related or that has the word “Review” in it will get denied.

The reason being is because Fiverr does not allow people to purchase reviews on their website.

If you were to create a different gig with a title without the word review (for an example, I will test drive your game and see if there are any bugs) that’ll be approved.

The reason she is active is either,

  1. She was missed by the Fiverr bots.
  2. She is not reviewing the game.
  3. She has communicated with Fiverr.


Do you want me to link you the original post? It has the word review in it, essentially it said the same thing as mine except I wrote that I would “play for >3 hours”. I don’t know what to do in this case, if somebody is making profit because they have some sort communication with a “higher up” that being an administrator or creator of fiverr, I think I should have the same opportunity they do, right?


Sorry, there are many reasons for this. When I mentioned "she has communicated with Fiverr, it could very well be that her gig was removed, but she opened a ticket and explained that it’s not a review service but rather a gig that offers to see if there are any bugs in the game.

As I said in my previous post, Fiverr will deny any gig that offers reviewing, period. (Debugging and testing are complete opposites and they are allowed on Fiverr)

I hope this makes sense.


So essentially what you are doing is blaming this all on Fiverr, removing the problem from me or the person who posted this first, meaning that Fiverr themselves are in the wrong for not making this seller clarify their services? This person never said anything of game testing or debugging, in fact, they only said they are reviewing to help find the pros and cons. Even if this person was to write a ticket, possible customers wouldn’t be aware that they are intending to test the game instead of write a review for it, would they? In no way would this seller be looking to bug test, physic test, animation test, audio test, or go into developer zones. Instead they simply stated that their goal was to write a review analyzing the pros and cons.
In my post, reviewing was literally at the bottom of my list of things I will do with a buyer’s game, my post simply consisted of me willing to purchase a cheap game from this developer in the most recent state to test out any feature they wanted. Heck, I even offered an option for this person to contact me to chat either via text or voice if desired so I can do everything they need to get the real bang for their buck and ensure their game is working as intended! The last thing I did was state that a review would be done to sort of “submit” my work, talking about my experiences with honest opinions.

… I hope this makes sense.


Why not just change your gig to ‘I will test your game’ etc… then you’re not using the word review and you can talk about the pros and cons in the the description without mentioning the dreaded R word?

BTW - I’d take the word ‘essays’ out of your profile description - Fiverr doesn’t like those either. :wink:


Exactly. @offlinehelpers

This is a simple fix.

Instead of saying you’ll write a review, simply write test.


Also, Fiverr doesn’t like if you communicate outside the platform. Of course, I don’t know what kind of wording you used, but if you mention skype, phone or any other communication channel outside Fiverr that also might have been seen as a red flag…


Perhaps that was the reason to remove your gig? Contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden.


I think it’s all gone, I can’t seem to find my post anymore. Might be because I’m new and not given proper instruction on this stuff. Besides that, there is no reason for me to change my post. If a buyer doesn’t feel interested in a review that should be up to them, if they are interested they can read more and learn about my services. I worked real hard yesterday, spending at least 2 hours figuring this stuff out. Not willing to recreate my post to probably violate another T.O.S even though the other fella is doing it without issue.


I never said I would communicate outside of Fivver, I said I would give a way to chat via text or speech if required. Would not be using a program like skype or a phone. I only ever said that I am willing to communicate if my given options with my potential buyer needs to know more. I could type over Fivver, communicate if they had an online game they needed to test multiplayer functions on with an implemented voice chat system.


It is a bit hars the way Fiverr deals with these things, but that is because it is all automated.

All we (as sellers) can do is to be fully aware of the ToS before putting any time and effort into the platform. Being new is not an excuse for not knowing the rules.


Not a big deal anymore though. I’ve given up with this site. I’ll just wait 'til I graduate school to make money. Y’all are sitting here telling me what I should do, not how to do it. I don’t need recommendations, I asked on this forum for an answer. I only get told stuff that is creating larger questions. I want to offer a service, so I came here, I did it, and it got removed. I am trying my heart out here but I don’t have instruction. If somebody else did it, got away with it, and didn’t change it, I don’t know why I have to. Since I’m leaving I’ll just leave that other post here:
Mod Note: Link to seller’s gig removed. Calling out other users is not allowed on the forum.


Take a breath - you seem to be upset about something that is not worth getting upset over.
You have been given good answers to your question which is that your gig may have been removed for:

  • Offering reviews
  • Offering to chat by text or voice.

You may have meant something different by them but that is not how they sound. It is up to you to write things in a way that communicate them clearly which is what others told you to do.
As for the other seller, they are getting away with something for now although they have now been reported as selling reviews on third party sites is against Fiverr rules.

I suggest you take your time, read through the advice you have been given already and then take it from there.


I know a guy who sells illegal items and so far he’s gotten away with it. He makes more money than I do, but at an awfully high risk. I think I’ll go with the advice of smart people and my own gut and not copy the guy.


You said you wouldn’t tell anyone.


I didn’t say your NAME! :stuck_out_tongue:




He did - account gone.