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My post that details the UpWork spam scam was deleted, with no reason given

We have a prevalent issue that many people on this site face. I detailed (with screenshots) what exactly the UpWork scammer’s plan is by showing a conversation I had with one of these types over Discord. It is valuable that we know exactly what it is they want and what it is they’re up to, and yet, my post didn’t break any rules and was deleted. I spent close to two hours on this, and my account was seeing issues with messaging others. UpWork was something I mentioned in my message, as I had wanted to tell the person messaging me that if they were messaging me for the purpose of helping them with UpWork that they should go away. I am a new user of this site, and find this response to my post to be laughable and sad. I don’t mind if my post is locked, but deleted? No, that shouldn’t have happened, and I don’t think it responsible of a site that is PLAGUED by UpWork spam scam nonsense to punish others for making the community here aware of what’s going on.

I want my post restored, and at the very most, locked but viewable if that kind of post needs to have commenting closed on it. It is ridiculous that this happened, and I’m trying to inform the people here of something important. However, I can’t do that if I’m getting shut down by people who don’t even care to tell me why the deletion happened in the first place.


It is a known scam, and there are many posts about it already.

If they have contacted you on Fiverr first, and then the conversation moved to Discord, you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service by accepting to contact someone outside of Fiverr.


That’s fair, except I didn’t contact them outside of anywhere. I get that maybe it goes both ways so you can’t claim ignorance or anything of the sort to get around rules here, but still, I wasn’t given reason or notice regarding my post deletion. I only involved myself to this extent so we have documentation of exactly what it is they want, in case others aren’t aware. Yeah, we have plenty of posts about it, but I’ve already had at least one of these types contact me through my email address. I don’t know how that’s possible. I thought personal information wasn’t publicly visible.

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If you had a chat with them in discord that’s exactly what’s called “contact outside of fiverr”. And no matter what was the reason for you to chat off fiverr it’s still against fiverr TOS and you are risking your account.

In the future you’d better just report and block them right away


You need to think logically. In your post, you showed that you had communicated with your scammer on Discord. That could get your account into hot water. It also might imply (if the post was left up) that Fiverr is fine with people communicating via Discord.

In the screenshots of your Discord chat, you also dropped a few F-bombs. Also, you didn’t really expose anything new about the scam. I’d actually say that your F-bombs and cocky attitude made the scammer sound more levelheaded. - Sorry.

All in all, yes, it is annoying when posts get removed, However, you may want to just let this go rather than feel outraged by it.


If you had the username of that person in your post/screenshots, that might have been the reason, as “naming and shaming” is not allowed per forum rules. When someone wants to post screenshots, username or any other identifying information needs to be blurred.
The points you said you wanted to make would be fine without the username too, as far as I can tell. Perhaps skim the forum rules, so you’re aware why posts may get pulled by moderators and can avoid that.


I was confused by the removal more than anything, and the only reason I haven’t taken this post down is so people have something to refer to if they have a similar thing happen.

I’m grateful to everyone here for showing up and leaving some kind of comment, even if I don’t like what I’m hearing. Better to face the music and preserve history in place of throwing a fit and destroying myself here.

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This is today’s first post about the scam/spam issue. We have at least one post a day about this. I didn’t see your other post but it’s not a new subject, it’s a very old one.

Why your other one was removed is not known by me but it’s a subject that gets a lot of attention on the forum on a daily basis.

Also, when people participate on this forum there often comes a time when their posts are removed or flagged or otherwise are rejected in some way, causing hurt feelings to the one who posted it, but you do get used to that after a while.

Demanding a deleted post gets restored probably won’t work. It’s the responsibility of the forum moderators to decide which posts to delete and they have their reasons for doing that. It’s part of the way this forum works, to be monitored closely for anything that seems offensive, redundant, or in some way not what is wanted.


Hello, Sorry for this frustration. Your previous post got flagged by the community as it’s a repeated topic & your post contains the user’s identity. The flag was handled by me. In repeated topics, we (moderators) just close the topic, but to keep your post live it needs to be edited (removing the screenshot). To keep my identity anonymous, I just make the post unlisted (only visible by direct link). This scam is common & thanks for the heads up. If you were still willing to inform the community about the scam feel free to repost it. make sure it’s aligned with our community standard.