My post was Hidden.. can I ask why before we close our account?


When a post is rejected or hidden there is no explanation as to Why?
Quite authoritarian.


The only place to request services from sellers is on the main Fiverr site, not the forum.

If you go to your main Fiverr dashboard and then to buying, there’s a link to post a request.

Good luck finding what you’re looking for. :sunny:


As mentioned above, the Fiverr Forum is not the place for requesting services. As to why there was no explanation, well, the forum rules and guidelines state what is and isnt supposed to be posted here. In addition, the forum is moderated by unpaid volunteers - if we had to go and start discussions with every person who posts something that isnt allowed then we would never be able to do anything else, considering the forum has approx 600 thousand users.

As for it being authoritarian - this is the forum of a private company; any Fiverr account holders are allowed post anything once it is within the rules of the forum and main site. That is pretty standard for most company forums.


My post was Hidden… can I ask why before we close our account?

I’ve been banned from the forum three times and had about 1000 posts removed or hidden but that hasn’t stopped me from coming here. This forum has strict rules.