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My previews fiverr account has disabled

i buy my pc second hand and first user use fiverr another account in this pc.

I just got a mail that
( You were flagged for having more than one account on Fiverr, which we consider a violation of our [Terms of Service and our policies. As a result of this violation, your Fiverr accounts were permanently disabled.

If you have any funds available for withdrawal 90 days from now, you will get an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw.
This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact )


i am new user in fiverr , when i create new account after 5 days has disabled how to solve it

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The computer that you have bought the fiverr account has been used before.Maybe that’s why you got banned from fiverr.


If you create a new account after your first account is disabled, you need permission from CS, or your new account will be disabled too.


OK. I see a lot of strange answers here.

You bought used computer and seller failed to clean the hard drive before the sale?

You should perform cleaning of used computer always before using it. You never know does it have viruses or other problems.

What is the situation with the last owner laptop account, is he banned too?

Send your message to customer support with evidence that you and the last laptop/PC owner are using different internet connection and that you are two separate unconnected persons.

Explain the situation and ask for your account to be restored.

Please be specific and check the grammar of your message before sending.


i don’t understand @cd_ripon

Check your account it’s still live.

Absolutely correct. I am agree with you.
She should have been cleaned the computer before using for herself.
It can be possible by new installation of operating system ( after deleting previous one).

Unfortunately after cleaning computer, it will not prepare for using new fiverr account if someone else being previous user.
Because every device has unique MAC address. It is not changeable. The MAC address of following device already stored into fiverr database in favor of previous existing fiverr user.
By Cleaning computer it is not applicable for clean fiverr database record unless previous user delete their account.
So @afrah3d should have been insure those important matter.

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Such a useful reply.

How do you know? When you view a support request it shows details of the machine (IP address, browser etc.) but no MAC address. As far as I know, Fiverr doesn’t store the MAC address of computers through the web. It’s not a simple thing with code I think (with what they’re using - ie. using a normal web browser with Javascript etc. and not running any .exe on the user’s PC). You could ask them but I doubt they’d do it as they’d know a computer could be sold.

It does not prove that Fiverr don’t store MAC address.

Same question to you: How do you know? Are you sure about it? Show some evidence.
Now answer me : How can Fiverr identify multiple account ( if exist) if someone are using different browser and different IP for additional account ? Do you think fiverr unable to do this?

But I haven’t stated for a fact that it is not stored in their database but you have stated (without any evidence) that it IS stored in their database.

So yes I’m not 100% sure. But like I said, because it isn’t common code browser code. It’s not like there’s a Javascript function for sending a MAC address.

I think they could do it in Java but I don’t think Java is actually run normally on the client side. It might be possible in other ways but it’s not standard like I said. And I don’t think anyone has ever said on the forum that they sold a PC/laptop, completely wiped it and sold it to someone who then used it for Fiverr selling and that seller got into trouble because that MAC address had been used before. Though if a seller/buyer was thinking about doing something like that it might be worth asking CS to be sure. They could also post CS’s reply on the forum so we’d know.

You could also ask CS if you think they might be storing it so we can give that info to anyone who asks in future.

If Fiverr were running a .EXE on our PCs I’m sure they’d be sending the MAC address as I’m sure it would be easy through that.

Do you think fiverr unable to do this?

I think it is possible through a browser but I don’t think they are using it for the reason I said (not a standard Javascript function etc.). But ask them if you want to know for sure otherwise you shouldn’t really say it’s a fact that the MAC address is being stored in their database.

Also you create websites for your service. Are you able to easily get the MAC address from the PCs of the users who visit the sites you create?

I am not interested about it. Those who need they can contact.
Anyway, If you think you are right, then ok. It is up to you. I am not interested for further talking on this topic !!.

Not easy, but I can collect user’s IP address, MAC address. Not only this I can collect latitude & longitude (for Exact user location in google map) if someone perform the website which create ( if applicable for this functionality).

Anyway, Fiverr website is more advance and smart website. (No reason for thinking that fiverr is a easy website at all)