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My previous account got permanently disabled due to shared IP

Me and Friend use Fiverr on our own personal computer and we don’t even use the same Wi-fi . But we take internet service from the Same ISP and both of us get connection from a shared IP box .

There is a terms and condition policy which states that, One can Run 2 or more accounts on a same PC but they should not give the same service ,otherwise both the account will be taken down permanently.

But here in our case, We didn’t use both the account in a single PC but we had a shared IP . So, Fiverr thought us to be one person using 2 accounts and we both give same service, Fiverr disabled our accounts.

Did anyone faced the same problem ?


It’s in the Fiverr ToS.

They view each IP as an individual.

When someone shares an IP, Fiverr obviously looks at it as if someone is using multiple accounts.

As you know, one account per person is the rule.

You are not the first to encounter this.

I would abide by the ToS and just use one account per IP.

This means that your friend will have to find another IP if he/she intends to seek work on Fiverr.


ohh, now my friend uses a different ISP’s Wi-fi and I haven’t changed mine yet .

Is there any chance of my account being disabled again?

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Contact with customer support dear Bro , best of luck


Once Fiverr does this, you are not allowed to make a new account without Fiverr’s permission or you risk losing your new account too.


Brother, Can you please tell me how to take permission from Fiverr ,Is there any way?

No. The rules state that one person can only have one account.


You are right,but what i said is also a fact, like it’s normal that one there might be one computer in your home,here you and your wife use both of your account on the same pc, Fiverr understands this, so one should make fiverr clear about this if they are in the same circumstance and even if the husband wife use one PC for both of their Fiverr account, they Won’t be able to provide exactly the same kinds of service.

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Yes, it’s normal.

However, what you previously said, about one person being allowed to have 2 or more accounts, is not a fact. Quite the contrary: it’s strictly forbidden.

Two different people offering different services and sharing the same PC may be allowed to have their separate Fiverr accounts, but it really has to be two people, not one person having 2 or more accounts.

No. One person can’t use two different accounts, no matter the services they’re providing.


this is the violet of fiverr tos,so your friend account is gone to ban anytime,

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Yes, it is best to contact CS and inform them so you do not lose both accounts!


THANK YOu EVERYONE for answering my question and you guys helped me a lot!..I will always be greatful to you