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My Previous Active Gigs, are now Pending Review? I was wondering is this normal?

I did a search of the forums but can’t find an answer to this. I have 2 gigs (no sales on either yet, as both are new, I only joined this past week). The gigs were both “active” and could be seen since I created them. They were still active when I checked my account this morning, however I just checked my account again this afternoon and both now say “pending review”. I was wondering is this normal?

(Neither had gone through “pending review” when I first created them, which someone had told me is what was supposed to happen.)

Was it a glitch that they went active without pending review first, or is it a glitch that they both went from active to pending? Or is it something else entirely?

One thing, not sure if it is any connection, is that about 20 minutes before the gigs went into pending review status, I had as recommended here on the forum, looked at the “Buyer Requests” and submitted one of those. The gigs both went “pending review” 15 to 20 minutes after doing this. Could that be any connection?

(Both are book review gigs, I am a professional book reviewer with a book review blog. If that makes any difference. Also the submitted buyer request was to a request made this morning for someone to review their ebook.)

Still new to Fiverr so not sure what to think, don’t know if this is normal or not.

ETA: (whoops - just noticed I put this in the wrong forum section. Sorry. Moved it)

I just checked them again, (it’s been 7 hours since they went into “pending review”) and now they say “active” again and are back up listed with my other gigs. Well, that’s just completely weird. I have no idea what caused them to go into “pending review” or why they are now back. One of them says it has 29 views and the other has 0 views. I would think possibly someone may have reported them, if not for the fact that one of them says it has 0 views.

I was just going back over them and reading what I wrote to see if maybe a word in the text triggered an automated lock for review, (while they were locked I was unable to open them to check or edit them) and I did notice that on both gigs (for writing book reviews) I had stated that I would read and review “BDSM, M/M, and Erotica” books as well. I wonder, perhaps that phrase caused an automated reaction? Also the word “Erotica” was in the title of one of the gigs. I’m thinking maybe, that the word “Erotica” must have triggered some automated thing to put them under review, but I can’t figure out why it waited a few days to do it, rather than doing it as soon as I created them? Maybe someone saw the word “Erotica” and reported them?

I don’t know. Oh well. They are back now, so I guess the problem is solved, just wish I knew for sure what had caused it so I could prevent it from happening again in the future.