My priority orders are in negative?


Anyone else experiencing this?

When I had 3 TO DO orders today it was showing 2 in que, I am really confused.


I saw that too… Send a message to CS.

For all sellers. Be sure to cross check your dashboard with your “Manage Sales” page to make sure you are seeing all orders.

I almost missed a delivery because it wasn’t showing up on my dashboard.

CS did something and now I’m all back in sync, but the totals shown at the top on both pages can be off by 1, with a pending delivery hidden on one page, showing on the other.

Mine is working great after CS adjusted, but I don’t trust it until it’s working right another few months. (Has been perfect for 9 months… not sure why it failed recently.)


Thank you, I can’t find any other besides the 22 incomplete orders that I have…