My problem in reviews and ratings


hello there !!
i am a seller and i am suffering with a problem about my reviews !!!
once i completed 80 reviews with all 5 stars and suddenly my 2 or three buyers have misbehaved with me and gave me bad ratings and my overall rating became 4.9 after that i completed 25 reviews with 5 stars but overall ratings are still 98% and 4,9
can anybody here help regarding this ?


4.9 98% rating is a good rating, ive been stuck on the same rating for at least 7 months or more, I think it takes hundreds more 5 stars reviews to get a higher rate. I haven’t had a bad review on any of my gigs in about 6 months, except one or two people left 4.9 reviews saying i done amazing, not sure why they didnt leave 5 stars if they thought it was good but anyway i think you need a lot more 5 star reviews to get a higher rating and it takes a lot of time to get it back up.


Sellers are not guaranteed 100% seller ratings. Buyers are allowed to rate sellers less than 5-stars. Keep delivering top-quality work, and you will continue to receive positive reviews.


what are your services ?
and how many orders did you complete after receiving bad reviews ? although 4.9 is really good but i wanna make a way to be a top rated seller on fiver so i think a 5 star could help


Thank you for the information and advice i really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hello friend what I do with buyer , First I give test render to my buyer if he say Wow great work then I do continue work with him, and If I have doubt on buyer that he is not happy and will kick on my ass I do suddenly open dispute for mutually cancel the order. :stuck_out_tongue: