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My profile and gigs are not shown on the lists


Hello guys, doesn anybody know why I can’t find our profile using the search bar? Also, if I go to the list of gigs, I can’t see the ones I just posted, even if I go to New Arrivals, does this have an explanation?


Dont worry . Fiverr Is still Under maintenance . So it will take time to solve.
I am in same problem as like yours. But Dont worry .


Do not worry, we are in the same situation, sometimes I appear and sometimes not, I have concerts with good qualifications that are no longer on the list



I’ve created my account couple days ago and posted my gigs last night, but on my analytics said I have 0 impressions on all of them. Is this also related to the problem Fiverr is trying to solve?

If you have a moment please have a look at my profile to see if I have anything done wrong/if I have enough SEO.