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My profile and my gigs seems not to exist

I’m registered since like 2 months and I don’t have any buyer… So I wanted to pass myself like a buyer and I searched each of my gigs as well as my profile with no account to see if there was any problems… But I,ve not found anything! Even my profile seems not to exist!
I hope you’ll can help me.
Verpoten Anthony (anthonyverpoten)
Link to my profile:

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I think this might be a question for customer service. I searched your gig and profile as well and couldn’t find anything. I know gig don’t always show up in search results but they should come up if you search directly. What type of gigs have you posted?

*EDIT: I searched your profile again in a different browser and found it along with your gigs.
I think you just need to start advertising, sending out offers in the Buyers Request section and hope for the best. There are many articles on the forum as well as the fiverr academy that will help you get going.
Best of luck!

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See if you gig are active
Try to be online always


Thank you for reply! I’ve already tried to send offers in buyers request section, 38 exactly… But nobody answer me. I send the offers via my phone, is this maybe the bad way ?

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I do almost all of my offers on the phone app since I work full time and I’m not always in my studio, and I have made several sales through the BR offers I sent on my phone. Honestly, you won’t land every offer you send, and buyers are always a little wary of new sellers with no reviews. It is tough to get your first sale but you just gotta stick with it.
Try to use up all of your offers for each day and hope for the best. I made my first sale through the BR section, and that was after being on the site for 2 months and relentlessly sending out offers.
Make use of the advertising links fiverr offers for social media, and take a look at your gig description, you may need to tweak your tags or spruce up the gig as a whole.
Just keep with it and you will start selling soon.


Thank you so much! For sure, I will not give up :wink: … But, I have another question, about BR… Most of the time, no request found… But, 2 minutes later, there are 10, it’s a weird thing… A bug ? However, I think my gigs are in populars categories :face_with_raised_eyebrow: