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My profile buyers Rated Orders 78%.most buyer forgot to rate ,is that bad to my profile?

most buyer didn’t give feedback and they forgot it.they are very satisfied final work but some one didn’t rate .according to fiverr rule we can’t request them to i didn’t ask them feedback .but just i check my profile now my orders rated 78%. is that bad my account?please hep me .


You can creat an image for it using photoshop.

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Hi @shansu hope you’re having great time here on fiverr forum.

I can tell you the exact reason why your buyer don’t leave a review. its because you’re not communicating well-enough with them.

here’s what you could do to increase your rated orders percentage.

  1. when you receive a new order, contact buyer on order page, thank them and inform that you have all the requirements to get started and when you’re going to deliver the order. (that’s a first great impression, which can convert the first time buyer to a returning customer)

  2. when you start working on their order, send them a update, that you’ve started working on their order and will be delivering it soon.

  3. once you deliver the order, do send them a message that you’ve delivered the order and if they need any changes or revision done, they can contact you anytime.

so, when you’ll start giving awesome customer support to every single buyer on every single order, you’ll start getting more reviews and feedback.

I hope this will help you out.


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I think that’s pretty high. Recently there was a discussion on this topic, and quite a few established sellers said around 60% of their orders were reviewed.


This is true that most of buyer didn’t give review or feedback.

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thanks i will :slightly_smiling_face:

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