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My profile displays my country currency, I want to change it to $, will this have any systematic affect on my account?

Hi everybody,

Not sure of asking this kido question; BUT it is confusing me.

When I look at my gig’s details it shows the amounts in my local currency, and its a bit confusing me. Thinking about to have all the amounts display in USD
I know the option is available at the Top-Left corner under the profile picture
But if I change it to $ will this have any side effects? Need some guidance Please

As far as I know, it will have zero effect. Keeping the amount in USD is much preferable as this is the currency that Fiverr uses as its base; so $15 remains $15 now and forever. keeping it in other currency would make it change with time depending on the exchange rate during that period. But in all these, the equivalent in $USD remains the same


@pythagoras8pi, Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance. :writing_hand: