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My profile goes down after touching the heights.?

my profile goes down and i am not receiving any message or orders from clients.
help me so i can able to start earning again.
Can my profile be ranked again on first page ?

What does “touching the heights” mean?

my gig was on top page with relevant keyword.
.i am receiving lots of orders and messeges from new clients.

An algorithm means your ranking is variable according to how the algorithm is programmed. It is always going to be in flux and no one knows the terms of the algorithm. Businesses don’t reveal that because otherwise people would game the system.

There are many factors that affect your ranking and many of these have nothing to do with your performance and you have no control over them.

have a great day

Same condition with me, My GIG was ranked on first page and I was getting 4-5 orders daily, but now it is down to last page, and now I am not receiving even single order or messages, Just getting few orders from old buyers

It could be a side effect of the reviews left for you I see two of them that aren’t great. You just need to be patient, make sure customers are fully happy before they leave you and it should work out. This will get back to normal hopefully after you get good feedback from newer customers. This dip in sales is natural, it just means you need to grind and work harder on ensuring that you receive a positive feedback.

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thanks alot my friend.