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My Profile Image Problem

Dear Members,

My Profile Have 2 Profile Images.
I’m Refresh and Login Again to Profile .But Did not Change Images.
Old Image & New Image in Two Places.

How to Fix It,Please Help!


Hi. Did you try clearing cache and cookies of your browser already?

Yes,But Not Remove Old Image

Dear @djwaruna

You should contact with Customer Support Team.

Try a different browser too before you contact CS, ‘clear cache and cookies, try Chrome incognito mode, try a different browser’ most probably will be their first reply else, so if you try all that before sending a ticket, you can tell them right away that you tried those things already. :four_leaf_clover:

Yeah.Now i’m Contact Support Team.:slight_smile:


Ok. @miiila .
I’m Use incognito mode and Try Again. But no Result.


Dear All Friends. Thanks for Your Helps. :slight_smile::wave:

Hi Everyone,

please use below idea.
1: first clearing cache and cookies of your browser.
2: change photo on profile 2 times with different photos with title like image 1 and image 2 etc
3: clearing cache and cookies of your browser again.

i hope that is work 100% if you still have same problem then you need to contact with fiverr help desk.


It’s a known bug. I’m happy you’ve contacted support just like several posters have mentioned.

Please keep us updated!

Thanks @thecreativeguys