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My profile is as good as dead?

So, I’m a level 2 seller on Fiverr.

I have 100% response rate
I have 100% delivered on time
I have 100% order completion.

And I’ve received hardly 2 orders in the past four months. And that too from one of my repeat clients. I’ve tried updating my profile, updating my gigs, updating everything. And I’m not even landing impressions.

One of my gig has “reliable article writer” in one of my gig titles. And if I search that, I’m still not ranking anywhere.

To be honest, I was landing projects by the hour when I was a level 1 seller. And I thought getting to level 2 was a good thing. But I don’t understand what’s happening here.

I’m particularly more frustrated because it’s a full-time thing for me. It’s what I do for a living. Needless to say that Fiverr support is not helpful at all.

Is there anyone here who might want to share his two cents about what could I possibly do? Thanks


Hey Wajeeh! Fellow writer here, and fellow Level 2-er as well. I’m honestly surprised you’ve gotten as far as you have on the ranking ladder with no samples! You should include a relevant screenshot of your past work in each of your gigs, preferably several. Ask yourself, as a client, would you hire someone that had examples readily available, or a guy with a generic stock photo and nothing else?

As far as the flow of work, I understand the frustration, but the old adage about freelance applies - never keep all your eggs in one basket. Sure, stay on Fiverr and promote your gigs on social media, etc. but also be sure you’ve got “Plan B” set up. Have you tried pre-writing articles and selling them through platforms like ContentGather or Constant-Content? Are you active on LinkedIn? What do you offer that other writers don’t?

You only get a few seconds’ worth of a potential client’s attention, so you need to be sure you’re using it wisely. Keep them interested and engaged!


Thanks for your prompt response. I’ll go ahead and upload a few samples of my work to each of the gigs.
Yes I’m active on LinkedIn. And I’m not starting to explore other opportunities too.
Meanwhile, please feel free to share if there is anything else about my gigs on Fiverr that you think need immediate attention.
Thanks so much again