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My profile is dying because someone gave me one star

I usually got one offer a day on Fiverr. I literally got 40 clicks and 3000 impressions each week. Some guy had the bright idea to try o scam me and get free music. I literally worked 14 days for him and he still wanted a refund. I said no and got one star.

It’s been one week now. Impressions: less than 400

Clicks… 5

New orders… none

Is this what I get after working this entire year on Fiverr? That’s my prize? Is this what I get after sleep deprivation and many 5 dollar gigs just to prove that I know how to do the damn thing I study to do since I was 15 years old? Is this what I get after just becoming seller level 2?


Gigs rotate in the search results. That 1-star review is likely to rotate you lower, since there are likely other sellers who now have better metrics than you. In 60 days, however, that 1-star review will fall off your current metrics and your might see that reflected in your gig rotation.

Please keep in mind, Fiverr does not guarantee any specific gig placement to individual sellers, nor are sellers guaranteed to remain on page 1 (the most visible part of the search results). The search results are dynamic; the appear differently to different buyers based upon relevance to that buyer.

I know it can be frustrating when your gigs shift around in the search results, and, as a result, your impressions drop, but, then again, you shouldn’t be relying on the Fiverr search results to provide all of your leads, interest and sales.


What do I do without the search result then? Buyer’s request is full of people that want crazy stuff for just 5 dollars. I’m not going to work 4 hours to just get 5 dollars yet again.


Figure out who your target customers are, do some research to determine where they are located, then go to those places, connect with those potential customers, and convince them to hire you. You are a freelancer. Marketing and promotion is part of being in business.

And, you’re right, you shouldn’t be working – for any client – for only $5. Charge what you and your services are worth, and stand by that value. You aren’t going to make any profit underselling yourself.


I think, if you have really done great works in the past, then some of your previous buyers might come back soon with a new work. So maybe all you have to do is to be patient and wait for some more days.

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I can’t begin to tell you how unwise it is to spend that much time on one order.


The order took 14 days, but I delivered the work on 3. It was basically a hostage situation. The buyer wanted free work or his money back. Even Fiverr support got involved, but the guy was a top buyer, so they didn’t do anything. The buyer only decided to finish the order when I said I would not give him a refund no matter what he said. At one point he literally pressed the cancelation button on the resolution center 5 times in the spam o half an hour and refused to communicate. I still don’t understand what the **** happened.

that’s what is happening right now. I already have 4 regulars. But it is still not enough since my main income before that damn 1 star was small projects I did in the span of a day or two.

I literally have 100 ordes and the usual so far was 15 per month.

The worst is: I live in brazil, so it’s almost impossible to get any client in real life, and when I do I just make 5 dollars (brazil currency is worth nothing)

It was an amazing Input, very knowledgeable. :ok_hand: :muscle: :star_struck:

So you mean the delivery was due in 14 days, not that it took 14 days to do.

And 3 days is still really risky.

the deadline was 3 days. The buyer took 14 days to accept the order because he wanted free work and he was harassing me to get that. He said things like: “you lack the qualifications to do this job, therefore, I would like a refund. You clearly are in the wrong and all the time wasted here is your fault and yadda yadda, you made me waste my time, so I will never do business with you again.” But I have over 100 orders and I never got anything but praise from my buyers. And 3 days was not risky. The job literally took 3 days and I charged him based on that.

Only if you allowed it.

It may seem that way, but reality is you hold the power. Scammers are everywhere and even more prevalent on the internet. Don’t ever under sell your actual worth…

If you haven’t, reply back in a professional manner, to his review so other buyers can see it.

Your real talents will make or break you. At least other jerks looking to scam newbies will stay away from you.

I’ve bought from sellers with 1 star reviews many times. I read their gigs, see how well its written, how professionally it was done, read the seller’s response to the poor review and message them to see how well they articulate themselves.

I wish you the best. If I wasn’t on my tiny phone, I’d check out your gigs!


Seems like all your gigs start at $5 and offer unlimited revisions, I don’t know what to say, that sounds like an open door for these types of customers.


it starts at 5. My last order was 150 dollars and it took 2 days to finish. To be honest, only orders that take 1 hour to finish are sold for actually 5.

Did your gig rank back to normal ?