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My Profile is not showing Online Even changed Setting

My Profile is not showing Online


Hello excelguru8888,

If you just created a new gig, fiverr has to approve it first. This is standard procedure and it might take a few days.

No i did not Create the New Gig , at morning i did identity verification only other wise nothing new did in the profile ?

So sorry, I misread your post !

I can’t find your profile either.

Try contacting customer service for any clarification:

This is my profile Page sir

I can only see your profile if I follow your link.

As I said, contact customer service, they should answer your questions :thinking:

Okey Thank you so much

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. All the best!

Hi @excelguru8888

I don’t know if you show up through Fiverr’s search or in what page as I didn’t try it, but I did find you searching through Google.


Experienced Excel hero for formulas

(5*) 19 reviews, 7 gigs, joined Feb 2019 and your last delivery was 3 days ago.

Yes thats True But i am not showing online in the online filter too

Thats why i am not getting any sales here

I think you should check carefully. If you show through Google search, then you should show on Fiverr’s search. If you weren’t shown through Fiverr, Google wouldn’t give results.

In any case, do as adviced by @elenaelena568 and get in touch with CS.

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Look like it’s notoriously buggy.

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I tried a lot but that green dot is not coming and i am not showing in the online filter too

You ARE online, though you may not see the green dot I DO see you and if I CAN see you, anyone else too.

Check your profile or any of your gigs and you will see you’re are shown online.

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