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My Profile is not showing up in search results

Hello everyone

My profile is not showing up in search results when i search with username 'azammaqsood’
also when i post a new gig i check after 3 mins in specific category, my gig is also not showing up .

what is the problem. please guide me

gigs don’t show up by searching your username. Try searching for key phrases in your gig or your tags.

My profile is also not showing up . No profile and no gigs, and yes I search gigs with keywords and also in specific category like programming tech -> wordpress

when did you make your gig?

Also your gig photo is the same as several others in the wordpress category so you should change yours

about 10 mins ago, and how you check that my picture is same as of others?

I looked on the page for the keyword “wordpress CSS” and saw that picture several times. It’s widely used.

And you’re not indexed yet. Have some patience. Your gig isn’t going to be searchable in keywords after only ten minutes. Try again in a few days.

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ok thanks for help :slight_smile:

I can’t be found as a user if looked for via “search by username”. Fiverr technical support is working on this issue for me, as it does appear to be a system glitch in my case. Just FYI.

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I have the same problem… could you please tell me if they responded ?

Never. I contacted them once a week for several weeks. Gave up!

I too facing same issue. No gig is searchable not my profile

neither my account nor my gig is showing in search result.

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You don’t seem to have an active gig, which is why your profile isn’t showing up.

Check and see if your gig’s paused?