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My profile is performing very poorly AND I am not getting any sales

Hello Fiverr Forum,
So, I am a level one seller and I got my level this December and after that my sales were going very good and I was getting messages from new buyers every day and it was really a good experience and I was on the first page of search
Now, I had to refund one of my buyers, and since the order was already marked as complete and already been done, we had to contact the support team for refunding the order. What happened there was, I got a strike from Fiverr for asking the buyer to leave a review, and with that, the trouble began.
After getting the strike, suddenly all my gigs disappeared from the search, and they were nowhere to be found, even when I was specifically searching for my gig only.
Then I talked to some people on the forum and got suggested that contact support ask them to reindex my gigs, I did that and now I can find my gigs when I search for them specifically
But the problem I am facing right now is that I am very behind in searches even after being a good-rated seller. I, personally think that it is because I waited a long time (about 10 days) before contacting support.
Now, can you guys help me out with this problem? what should I do now to get my impressions and clicks up? how do I get back into the main search option? I have already completed 3 orders after that incident all of which form my old clients, I am not getting noticed and I am not getting marketed by Fiverr, should I edit my gigs? what should I do? I did post a new gig, it is not any good, it is getting like 5-10 impressions per day,
Help me out guys, let me know what you think,
Thank you in advance


Fiverr says that your ranking also depends on the performance. Cancelling an order and getting a warning is a pretty bad performance in fiverr eyes.
And most likely you will have to complete way more than 3 orders to prove better performance.


Thank you very much!
So, what can I do now? should I keep completing orders from my old clients only?
I mean, I do not have that much work left for them, I really need to get back on the search and get new clients.

A lot of people need to :wink:
The truth is that there is no trick that will bring you back. And it is your responsibility as a business to figure out way of getting orders without relying on fiverr algorithm.
If you are relying only on fiverr search system then you do not have a sustainable business


I work on many platforms but Fiverr is my best client base.
Thank for the info.