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My profile isn't showing up on fiverr search results


hi everyone…im having a problem on my fiverr profile.
last few days ago, i had 4 active gigs. but they didn’t show up on search results too often. Then I decided to delete those gig again and create full new gig…but this time its not showing any gigs when i search on fiverr. maybe its keyword problem or any other issues. but if i search my profile username it also doesn’t show up my profile on fiverr. can anyone help me out?


Did you search you gigs in all the pages? If there’s 15 pages showing for a keyword. Check all the 15 pages.


@subho_ghosh yes i did…but it doesn’t show on search results.
even if i search my username… my profile doesn’t show up.


are you searching your profile username in the search bar? I mean here :arrow_down:

If you’re doing this, sorry to inform you that the search bar doesn’t work this way. You should search for keywords here to find the keyword related gigs.

*Actually you can use the search bar to search for the users also. But the search bar generally search for gigs.


When did you create your new Gig? Sometimes it can take a day or two before new Gigs are established in the system.


hey, you need to be patient it takes time to index on fiverrs database


Same Problem Brother


@subho_ghosh ohh… i clicked on search username contains ‘aminul74462’ … there was other profiles but mine wasn’t showing


Search for your gig instead.


okk brother…thank you for your reply…:heart::heart: