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My Profile Not Showing Up In Search. Know Why?

I Am A Beginner, Just Created My Logo Making Gig A Few Days Ago. But Didn’t Get Any Orders Yet. So I Searched For My Profile Using Fiverr Search Box, But Didn’t Find It Nor My Gig. What Can Be The Possible Reasons? Am I Violating Any Fiverr Rules.

I Am Aware That This Question Has Many Times Before. But It Was A Long Time Ago Now the Rules Have Changed, So I Thought It Will Be A Good Idea To Ask Again And I Am Pretty Sure There Many Other Beginners Who Have The Same Problem.

You can see how many people clicks and view your gig here.

No, this question wasn’t asked only long ago, it is a frequently posted question to this day. You would need to ask Fiverr Support for detailed reasons.

Since you are very new, it may just be lack of time to index. Fiverr also does not guarantee presence in search or reveal their algorithms. It is always a good idea to do your own off-Fiverr promotions. As a newcomer this is especially true. Buyer requests may also help.