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My Profile permanently banned (Answered)

Hey guys,
I am sharing what fiverr did to me, please tell me what should I do.

I have created my profile in 2014, At that time i have payoneer payment method linked with my account but i didn’t received my payoneer card at that time, so i asked my friend to give me his paypal account so that i transfer some credit to his account and use it. So i linked his paypal account with my profile, but during that i received my payoneer card that’s why i didn’t used his paypal, i tried to unlink that account but found no option, after that. His paypal account kept linked with my profile but i never used it.

All of sudden around a month ago I got email from fiverr support that they have permanently banned my fiverr profile due to that paypal account which is linked with some other profile too. I tried to convinced them i don’t have any other fiverr profile but they are not responding to my emails.

I did 3 years work on my that fiverr profile and i have level 2 and 70+ 5 star reviews.

My questions:

  1. Do I deserve this ban?
  2. I accept that linking a friends Paypal account was my mistake, but my profile should be blocked at the time when it was linked or i have used that paypal account, why did they blocked me after 3 year when i did a lot of work on it. First thing you should not let me registered that account this should be handled in your development
  3. Does any body not deserver a warning so that if you did something mistakenly or donot know its consequences you get alert and fix it???

I have created this account a week ago.

My old profile was

I have linked it with my linkedIn profile too now what should i write there i don’t have 3 year experience of work???

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We can’t decide whether you deserve to be banned or not - only Fiverr CS can decide that sort of thing.

Better if you discuss it with them really.


How should I discuss with them when they not reply to my emails.

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Just give me answers of these questions.

  1. Why did they let me register that paypal account if it was linked to some other profile?(I am developer, you can’t put a small check in your system?)

  2. Now the account it register do i not deserved to be warnned if i did something that is wrong so that i will protect my self from its consequences?

  3. Okay you don’t give warning shall I not be bannad with in a week or month? What took you 3 year to discover? After 3 years you guys remembered I have some invalid account linked?

If any of this thing happened we would not here :frowning:

They blocked me Okay give me my 3 years effort back.


We don’t know.

I can understand you’re upset, but there really isn’t anything we can do to help - I’m sorry.


That’s against the terms of service so that’s why they did it. What is the question?
Anyone would be banned for that.

Just work with your other, I mean your friend’s, fiverr acount.


I agree, but do i not deserve to be warned? Or this thing should be done when it happened in 2014, may be i would not be this much desperate at that time because my profile had 1-2 reviews at that time my question is why after 3 years?

I don’t have any other profile if i would have any i would not be worried I made this my new profile a week ago.

Perhaps your friend recently created a Fiverr account of his own, and that’s why they haven’t banned you before?

It’s Fiverr’s decision whether they’re going to warn you or not.

As you’ve been told, only Customer Support can help you. This is just a forum, we don’t work for Fiverr or decide who gets banned.


No He didn’t created his profile, He had profile before i created

I agree dear i did mistake. If i would have known about their rules i would have not done it. I am just sharing what happened to me.

I am desperate because they didn’t banned me when i registered that account.

You read this part and marked it but you didn’t marked that part where i mentioned i tried to unlink that paypal account tell me where is the option to unlink the account you register?

So, you have created the account without reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service (even though you had to click and confirm that you have read the rules and that you accept them), and in all the time you have spent on Fiverr you haven’t read the ToS?

They probably caught you recently.

You could have asked CS to help you with that back in 2014.


You had a Paypal account linked to two profiles since 2014. So it should be no surprise you got banned. It just took a while.

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I would only say. GOD bless you.

You guys are not seeing what are the mistakes fiverr did,
only telling me what i did wrong which i am already accepting.

  1. Doesn’t letting me register an already linked account was not fiverr’s mistake(that is simply equal to i create a account of user name misscrystal) at that time i didn’t knew my friend have fiverr profile too.

  2. Does fiverr should not warn me in 2014? Okay i get it, its up to fiverr they will warn you or not, but its ethically wrong.

  3. Does firverr shall not block me in 2014 why did they took so long.

None of that matters at all. You broke the terms of service.


Please - we’ve been sympathetic, but you’re trying to blame everybody else for your mistakes.

Accept it and move on - good luck with this account. :slightly_smiling_face:


haha, i am not blaming every one. And read my every comment i am accepting my part which i did wrong. But I think this is not the way to deal the situation. I am sharing so that this not occur to someone else in future. And i am sharing so that fiverr should upgrade their system. I am a developer i know this issue should not occured if i get error when i was registering a account which was already linked.

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You are trying to blame fiverr for allowing you to break the rules.

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I am just suggesting them, why did they allowed to us to break a rule when the stop us forcely to not to do something.