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My Profile permanently banned (Answered)

Because they expect you to not break them. Most of us don’t have this problem.

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Because they treat us as if we’re adults who’ve read the ToS?


Quote from the TOS:

Your Fiverr profile can be associated with only one account from each Fiverr withdrawal methods. A withdrawal provider account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile.

Why? If everyone would get a warning for breaking the rules, how would the world look like? As previously said, it’s your obligation to familiarize yourself with the rules and TOS.

Why would they? They gave you a final answer. There is no need for you to spam them with messages.

My suggestion would be to just move on. Learn from this experience. Read the TOS and good luck with your new profile.


@adeelsatti18 @misscrystal

First of all fiverr also follow this rule of law that " Ignorance to law is no excuse " and normally don’t give any warning in certain violations. So this is your duty to read all the terms of fiverr so that you will not do any breach.

You are lucky that you didn’t get banned in three years even you did violate their terms. Actually there are a lot of sellers so it takes time to find it out .

It has been seen that when anyone get banned from fiverr then CS don’t reply their mails.

I think the only way out is just to continue with your new account and better to read all the terms first in order to avoid any further consequences .

Best of Luck !!

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Did he?
Can you quote the terms that was broken?

@mgjohn78 why don’t you read them yourself instead of asking me to show you them?

Annai80 posted them just above your post so all you had to do was read them.

(sorry annai this wasn’t directed at you)


Because either im blind or i missed the version of the terms forbidding sharing a paypal account. Only have 3 versions of the terms plus the current one.

From the current ToS


Blind it is. :sunglasses:

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Ah thanks! Heh that part hasn’t even changed since the 2012 version

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Your friend must have gotten on Fiverr and use his PayPal details, that is why your account is banned. contact the customer support and narrate your story. I hope there was no pending cash in your account?