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My profile says I'm from Thailand and I'm not


How do I edit my profile to stop it saying I’m from Thailand. I am from the UK but am currently traveling in Thailand and this is where I was when I signed up to Fiverr. I state clearly in my description that I am traveling however I would like my profile to say that I’m from the UK so that people do not think that English is my second language. It’s my only language, I don’t even speak Thai…

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


What A tragedy…


That I can’t speak Thai???
Wish I could… :sunglasses:


The system automatically shows the accurate location on the Fiverr Profile. Since you signed up in Thailand, It will show as a thailand user. But when you will go back in UK, and use Fiverr there for quite some time, the location will be automatically updated based on your location. :smiley:

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ok, thanks :slight_smile:
And there’s definitely no way to change it according to the country I’m from and not the one I’m traveling in? I expect to be traveling for quite some time, in a range of countries.


I think there is not, But you can try it by going to Profile > Setting > Billings and add your home address and fill everything including country. Maybe that would help. But I don’t think so.


haha, cheers for the help. I’ll give it a go :smiley:


Hi Imcg89, this is how you can change your country profile location

On your account, You have to change the phone number that you used to verify your fiverr account. You used a Thailand phone number to verify and fiver system will automatically thinks you’re from Thailand. So, since you’re back to UK, all you have to do is change the phone number but you have to answer your security answer correctly and also retype the former Thailand phone number you used to verify your account before.

Once you do that, your profile country will automatically change to UK. I hope this solves your isses.

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