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Hi! Is there something wrong with my profile? I don’t have orders. Please help me Fiverrs!!

I just reviewed your profile. Please know you have to say a little more about yourself. Also, I think it would help if you put up a few more Gigs and send offers to buyer requested daily.

Your profile could use polishing. Consider reaching out to an editor - here on Fiverr in fact, or some other individuals who provide that service - in order to ensure you have another professional really examine how you are presenting yourself.

Also realize, that you can’t just have a perfectly worded Fiverr gig, post it and get a wealth of orders. There is a lot of competition these days on Fiverr, so you need to take a proactive and strategic approach to marketing to a target market - this will not only enable you to increase your sales, but using a strategic and targeted approach you will begin to position yourself as an expert within a target demographic and can raise your fees over time.

Marketing strategy is not something that comes natural to everyone, so consider investing in getting some initial help from someone who does specialize in it or take some courses online to see how you can best create milestones, position yourself as a value add opportunity for potential customers and measure the ROI on all efforts you make.