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My Promoted Gig Service Is Not Working

I have been selected for the promoted gigs feature on Fiverr
I started promotion on my gigs but they are not giving me any single impression even i have tried higher bids but still no response
Anyone else is facing the same issue?
Anyone from Fiverr is able to help me to solve this problem?


Many sellers have been here to report the same thing. :grimacing:


Me too I am facing the same problem. My promoted gigs did not work the entire November, but I still received an invoice charging me for the service. Th entire site has a problem, for example, I have an order that is marked complete, but it still sitting on the queue as delivered.

I saw a popup ribbon a few days back from Fiverr acknowledging the site has a problem. They said the problem was with a third party provider.


Same problem, I get the option on November first week but not any good result from that.

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Still having this problem.

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last 4 mounts I have the same issues :unamused:

Maybe it’s because many other seller bidding at the same price or even higher than your bid.
You have to be patient to see the result.