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My Promotion Gig was denied and I was given TOS

Hello, There I am level 2 seller on fiverr

I recently added one gig for promotion of the cricket apps and cricket topics and fantasy apps through my facebook sports pages having millions of likes. Immediately my gig was denied, I was given TOS and Demoted from my level 2 to level 1.

I dont know why this happened, I have a similar gig active on fiverr having more than 50 reviews, contacted fiverr support but these days it takes even 10 to 15 days, please let me know if anyone knows, what went wrong here ? and how can i get faster response or support from fiverr ?


Yep, no idea why making false claims would prompt penalties. Total mystery!


Its not false claim, I run a social media marketing agency and we have several pages in our team and in our connections in total having 10M likes on Facebook platform only.

and to be honest I did not mention that in my gig title I mentioned 900k Likes page, which is our top converting page, But I have one other gig running without any issue, in which I have titled 75k facebook likes page.

do you have any idea ?? if not, only how can i reach faster to fiverr support ?

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I sincerely doubt those are real people and Fiverr seems to think the same.


Your Shopify gig promises setup of a six-figure store. Such promises are against Fiverr’s Community Standards as it is impossible for you to know if your client will earn six figures or not:

" Promise a service outcome which is not in your control

In certain instances, sellers may be tempted to promise outcomes of their service which is not in their control. For example, guaranteeing to restore your Amazon account or promising an exact amount of viewers for a Youtube video by its digital promotion. Please refrain from promising outcomes that are not in your control because it misleads buyers."

From here:


Good catch.

It saddens me that people think it’s okay to make false claims in their gigs to try to land sales.


Yes, you may think that, because you dont know what a social media marketing agency is, I have over hundreds of facebook pages and 15 members of team working on it, so just because you dont know, that does not mean you can go around saying I doubt those are real people, thats just plain rude.

Been working on my agency since 4 years, many of biggest instagram pages like businessmindset101, wolfoffreedom, wordsworthbillions are from our agency only.

so, should I not state that, How many people are following my page ? in the description I have included note in bold also highlighted that these are organic promotions and we do not promise any specific results.

It is clearly not like the case of youtube video views and what you say amazon account,

there are literally thousands of gig on fiverr stating exact same title 6 figure shopify store, if you search on fiverr, you can see.

also I understand your point, that is the confusion, when thousands of others are using exact same title, we get confused, whether it is against or is it allowed.

because literally over 2000 gigs on fiverr stating exact same title 6 figure shopify store, and mine too is working well.

do you know where can i get faster response from fiverr customer support.

It is clearly the case for all promises where the outcome is out of your control. Amazon and YouTube are just examples. Please read and understand the terms before you comment.

That doesn’t mean it is okay for you to do it. They just didn’t get caught yet. Would you also rob a bank if you saw someone else do it without getting caught?

It is false advertisement and very dishonest.


I am not here to argue mate, I wanted to know how can i contact fiverr faster and also wanted to know, whether I have done anything against guideline.

where only writers are answering, who has no knowledge of the service that I am offering, 6 figure shopify store is term, educate yourself, instead of just finding faults in someone else, try to help.

I never questioned about my shopify gig, as it has got no issues and I do not claim anything in it.

I asked here because the fiverr support team is taking longer times to respond and thought might get any good advice in the forum from similar service offering sellers.

good bye, have a nice day finding out mistakes and putting people down when they need help.

I do know what a social media marketing agency is.

And I know that you do not use your clients’ pages to promote your business.

It’s called ethics and no legitimate agency I know does what you’re doing.


Are you seriously arguing that it’s ethical to mislead people with fraudulent claims of Shopify projections because thousands of people get away with it?



what are you talking about ?? says how much you know about this topic, all pages belong to my own agency, which I use to promote clients businesses and accounts

Well, explain it to me then. Maybe I am stupid, but I can only find the meaning that it is a store earning six figures.

And, I tried to help you save your account, since you broke the rules, but you only responded rudely. Now, you have made it necessary for me to turn on my PC, so I can report your gig.


Because why would your agency have 30 Facebook Pages and how could they have amassed millions of HUMAN followers.

It makes no sense at all.

You’re either collecting fake followers or you’re using other client accounts to push your marketing. Which is it?

You aren’t Lady Gaga. Of course your pages don’t have a total of 10 million human followers. Give me a break.

In any case you can’t say the store you make will make a certain number of sales and money. No one can project that and it depends on factors you can’t predict or control.

Stop justifying misleading people to make sales.

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I know!

It’s hilarious that you want me to think that your hundreds of Facebook pages all have so many human followers.

Obviously they’re fake. Unless you’re Lady Gaga. Are you Lady Gaga?

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Seriously man, made a mistake asking about a problem, I had, it comes back mate, it comes back, you want to target someone for the conversation then please do, my gig does not go against any guideline,

instead of telling me where i can get faster support, do this

It does go against several guidelines. That’s why you were penalized and it was removed.

You either think we’re stupid or you actually don’t see a problem with what you’re doing.

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OMG, you are running scared, aren’t you? You paused your gig to prevent me from reporting it. Good thing I already saved the link, so I can still report it. :rofl:

It does violate guidelines. I just told you how it does.

You cannot get faster support unless you have achieved at least Level 2.


obviously mate, I am not a billionaire, thats why i am working on fiverr. you can do your work mate, just remember it comes back

and I was a fiverr level 2 seller, they just demoted me