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My proofreading gig

Hello everyone! I made a gig recently where I proofread something you send to me. is the url for my profile.

Anyways, I’d just like to introduce myself and find out about everyone :). I would also like to run a deal of sorts. For the next 5 days you can contact me by anyway and send me a draft or piece of text you need proofread. I will proofread it and there will be no charge. I’d prefer for it to be by file (easily opened) or email (if you ask i will give you it.)

That’s it. Sorry if there are any mistakes. I’m really tired.

:-* Looking forward to meeting everyone!

P.S. If it takes me two or three days to get back to you, sorry. I’ll explain why if it does happen, hopefully it won’t :).

Edit: It seems that my thread posted twice somehow, can anyone delete one?